Wild FIRE Smoke! 🔥 Tips for goats and livestock in bad smokey air conditions


Your goats, all your animals and even yourself are affected greatly by the wildfire smoke that is covering much of the United States. Wildfires are running rampant on the west coast with the California fires, Oregon Fires and Washington fires. Even parts of Montana are on fire and the air quality has been in the red for quite awhile.

📖 The Info:

0:00 News of wildfires in Oregon and smoke from the western states are making its way to the east coast
0:29 Goats walking in heavy smoke
0:48 Thank you Kim for asking the question: Do you have any tips for goats in bad wildfire smoke conditions?
1:24 In Montana the smoke has been really heavy and the mountains can’t be seen
2:01 You may be concerned about how the smoke is affecting your goats and animals. I’m truly sorry for those in the west coast who have lost so much in these fires
3:05 Tip number 1: Limit time out exercising and why this is important
3:45 Tip number 2: Keep hay and water close to each other and why this is important. And the importance of water during smoky times. And how ash affects your goats water.
5:29 Tip number 3: What you can do to your hay to help your goats during heavy smoke in the air.
6:14 Tip number 4: What you can do to an area that is high in dust
6:38 Tip number 5: pets: take them inside but for a large number of goats you can do this idea to help them while they are in the barn.
7:29 Tip number 6: Get your evacuation plan in place. Get My Goat Binder linked below to help you get a plan in place.
8:16 story of a family with goats who went through a wildfire situation and it didn’t go as planned.
9:45 things to think about when making a plan for evacuation.
10:36 even make plans for really hard situations where you have to leave goats behind.
12:37 Tip number 7: in planning for fire season, make sure your barns are as safe as possible and aren’t a fire hazard apart from wildfires
13:55 Tip number 8: what you can add to your water to help keep your goats healthy
14:13 Symptoms of wild fire smoke problems in your goats and what you can do if they get sick
15:36 2020 the year of crazy including wildfires
16:12 Answer below if you have any more tips on helping animals and goats through such bad air quality.
16:20 where are you from? And is wild fire smoke affecting your area and animals? Please answer below!
16:39 The guinea who thinks she is a goat
16:39 What we feed the noisy pigs (squealing in the background) that the goats waste
17:00 Thank you so much for watching! You are appreciated and I wish you all the best in this year!

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