What's wrong with Animal's Health Care? Why youtube delete their channel?

Hello dear friend,
We are one of the Animal vet clinic in Vietnam working to help the pets, animals for being stronger and healthier! We have saved and treated for over 1000+ Sickness Pets in vietnam!
Please follow and support us by Subscribing here: https://bit.ly/39KuFtN
We really want to share with you guys about a veterinarian work and also how we treat for pets and animals here in Vietnam!
Our channel is about:
– Doing treatment and caring for serious sickness cats and dogs!
– Cats and Dogs rescue and saving!
– Special VIP service for Pets
– Self – Caring Knowledge for pets and animals!
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Contact us at: #Vietnamanimalvetclinic
Fan page:
Website: Updating
Gmail: vanduycuongtnut@gmail.com
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Videos content is exclusively designed and used by the Vietnam Animal Vet Clinic!


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