What would your advice for people who adopt Exotic Pets or Exotic breeds in Dogs, cats , birds ?

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Conversation with Dr Lakshmi Srinivasan , MVSc Surgery , Founder , The Animal Care Clinic (Part – 4)

In this video Dr Lakshmi Speaks about Adopting Dogs Exotic Pets , Exotic breeds in Dogs , Cats , Birds :

Dr. Lakshmi Srinivasan , MVSc Surgery ( Gold Medalist ) , Founder , The Animal Care Clinic

She decided to become a vet since fourth standard in school. “I am living my dream now”, she says. She has had pets of all kinds… mice that were rescued from her mother’s lab, goats that strayed into her garden, kittens, dogs, snakes, turtles, fish, birds…animal health and welfare are her passion. Dr Lakshmi was one of the first vets responsible for implementing the ABC Programme through Abhaya, PFA and The Blue cross of Hyderabad and has done more than 10, 000 surgeries on different animals.


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