What pastels should I buy? -Soft Pastel Information Intensive Workshop: Part 1 Soft Soft Pastels

Welcome to the soft Pastels informational workshop!

In this Informational intensive workshop we will be going through ALL the artist grade brands of soft pastels, including pastels in each category of hardness:
Soft soft pastels
Mediumn Soft Pastels
Hard soft pastels

we will also be going over pastel pencils, papers and boards, grounds and homemade surfaces.

In this first part of 3 soft soft pastels we will go over all the information about the brand, where they are made, how they are organized, price points, set availabilities, and more.

We will test out each pastels on coated and uncoated paper, seeing how the softness of the pastels releases pigment on the surface. The papers we will use in this review are Canson Mi-Teintes paper. (both smooth and textured sides) and Uart 400 grade sanded pastel paper.

In part one we will go over the following brands:
Blue Earth pastels(Dakota Pastels house brand)
Art Specturm extra soft
Diane Townsend

We will continue to review many other brands in the videos to come.
If you have any questions please comment below!
Hope you enjoy this video and the rest of the series to be released!

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