Welcome to Health and Taxes YouTube Channel

Michelle M Burke, founder of Health and Taxes. I am passionate about health and taxes! I created this YouTube channel to educate you on both business financial health and personal health and wellness!

On Sunday nights at 7:30 PM Eastern, I go LIVE with my show “Let’s Get Distracted”. The purpose of this show is to invite a guest to talk about a current health and wellness topic and help bring awareness to their area of expertise. Past episodes we have discussed mental health, holistic health, functional nutrition, meditation, gratitude practices, diets, pet health, and much much more!

On Wednesdays at 5PM Eastern, I go LIVE with my show “Business Advisory and Tax Tips”. The purpose of this show is to update you on stimulus talks and discuss business advisory and tax tips. Tune in Nov. 11th to learn about post election stimulus updates and hear how small businesses could be impacted by Biden’s tax policy.

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