Veterinarians: Dominate Local Search, Attract More Pet Owners

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Harley Orion serves as CEO at GeniusVets, the highest-performing marketing platform in the veterinary industry. The mission of GeniusVets is to create smarter connections between pet owners and veterinarians.

They provide education, websites, and digital marketing services to veterinary practices around the country, as well as a digital engagement platform that includes 100% of independent veterinary practices and enables them to connect directly with pet owners in their area.

GeniusVets is the premier platform to improve pet health – connecting pet parents with quality veterinarians and proven pet care advice from DVMs.

Their mission is to create better pet health by providing a platform that educates and unites pet owners and veterinarians.

Launched by a top veterinarian and practice owner, along with a team of digital technologists, writers, and pet parents, GeniusVets was created to help pet parents find, connect with, and get to know great veterinarians in their area…and to help pet owners become more knowledgeable about pet care, with education straight from veterinarians themselves.

“Today’s clients find you through your website, social media, Google searches and reviews – all from their mobile phone. This is how the world works now. If you want your practice to grow, you’ve got to give your online presence the attention it deserves.” – Dr. Michele Drake, DVM – Owner, The Drake Center for Veterinary Care & Chief Veterinary Officer, GeniusVets

A recent study using third-party tools shows GeniusVets delivers more Google organic search traffic than the top ten competitors – combined.

We call it Evidence-Based Veterinary Marketing. As a quality DVM, you wouldn’t use a treatment in your practice if you didn’t have validated evidence that it would improve the health of pets. We believe you should demand the same of your marketing partner.

GeniusVets is the only marketing platform in the industry founded by a DVM and led by technologists with a proven track record of delivering exceptional results at the highest levels – for Fortune brands, household-name franchises, international non-profits, and local businesses as well.

Schedule a call with us and we’re confident you’ll recognize right away that GeniusVets is unlike any other team working in the industry today.


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