Vet School Chat: Edinburgh vet student Calum Mcintyre

Hello world 🙂 ! Here is another interview-style video, this time with Calum Mcintyre who is the current AVS junior Vice President & 4th year Edinburgh vet student. (Thank you for lending me your time to make this video btw! Really appreciate it) *Apologies if I look kind of tired, this was done on day 4 evening of our Medicine rotation and I was pretty much shattered at that point, I really enjoyed making this regardless, especially part 2 of the video- stay tuned!* As always, timestamps for you to jump around!

0:17 introduce yourself
0:50 how did you apply/ why did you choose Edinburgh?
3:07 entry requirements/ work experience needed?
4:21 interview advice and tips
8:46 helpful organisations in applications
9:34 more on BVEDS – British Veterinary Ethnicity and Diversity Society
10:34 Calum’s vet school & living in Edinburgh experience
15:08 EMS in Edinburgh?
17:29 rent costs in Edinburgh?
20:16 satellite campus?
20:43 work life balance at vet school?
23:19 course structure & COVID-19 changes
27:38 how is ems organised
28:45 stay tuned for part 2

🌺Where to find Calum:
~ email: s1610733(at)
(Thank u for being part of this video! :))

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A mix of interviews with vet students across the world, weekly vlogs about final year, highlights of some important pet healthcare issues 🌻
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