Ultimate care through improving water care | LIMOMAX-LQ |Finray Biotech Inc

FINRAY BIOTECH INC. share an overarching goal of designing the Aquaculture Healthcare, Agriculture Crop Nutrition, Livestock, Pets and Macro Mineral Products those can be eco-labeled as “Sustainable”. Social stability is also important to running a healthy business. FINRAY BIOTECH INC. is planning to take initiatives to reduce the environmental footprint of activities; maintain the natural resource wealth of nature; sustain economies into the long term, and provide populations with poverty-alleviation opportunities that don’t compromise culture and heritage.

LIMOMAX – LQ is a synergistic combination of anti-bacterial organic acids to control micro-organisms including Salmonella, E. coli. The product eliminates pathogenic bacteria in drinking water and liquid feed and helps to protect the animal from Salmonella and E. coli contamination.

Website: https://www.finraybiotech.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/finraybiotechinc/

Blog: https://finraybiotech.blogspot.com/


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