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Overview of upcoming updates for Ulala: Idle Adventure
1. Crossover Cooking Master boy: https://www.taptap.com/topic/14776196
2. New Pets: https://www.taptap.com/topic/14831060
3. Pet Evolution: https://www.taptap.com/topic/14821744

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🆕Pet evolution Details 🆕
1) When the character level reaches 56 and the main stage progress reaches Hulu Fjord 1, the pet evolution function will be opened.
2) Some legendary quality pets can complete the evolution by consuming evolution stones , After evolution, pets will gain a brand new appearance, greatly improve their aptitude, and obtain new element attributes: light and darkness. The new element attributes can suppress the original four element attributes.
3) The evolved pet will gain 3-4 special skills and go into battle. Later, you can actively release stunts in the battlefield, or trigger the passive effects of stunts to greatly increase your combat power.
4) Stunts need to consume evolution or element stones to upgrade. The upgrade method is to randomly increase the level of a stunt of the current evolution pet. The higher the effect, the stronger the effect
5) Adjust the pet’s active skills to the magic orb skill, accumulate the orb energy by attacking, and the normal attack when the orb energy is accumulated for the last time has the effect of the orb skill, and the skill effect will not change
. 2. Lucky relic
1) Lucky relics and pet evolution systems are opened simultaneously.
2) Evolution stones or elemental stones can be drawn from lucky relics by consuming relic puzzles, starfish and pearls, so as to evolve pets or increase the level of special effects. Lucky relics can be drawn once a day for free
3) You can get lucky points every time you draw and increase the chances of getting super-value rewards. When the lucky value is full, you will get lucky crystals. You can redeem your favorite pet evolution stone in the crystal shop.
4) The lucky value will be cleared when you get lucky crystals. , 10 consecutive draws will be reduced to half price when cleared.
3. Pet star upgrade
1) When the pet system is turned on, the pet star upgrade function will be activated simultaneously. Only legendary quality pets can be upgraded.
2) Star upgrade can improve the pet’s qualifications and star rating the higher the pet qualification higher
3) stars to unlock the pet is controlled by the character’s level, the higher the character level higher Pets liter star
4 new pets meow [Protoss], [Garnett] night shadow
5. feast capture Probability up
1) Event time: After the update-September 11 at 23:59:59
2) During the event, when using the feast catch coupon to capture pets, the probability of obtaining some legendary quality pets is greatly increased
. 6. Removed peerless delicious food, The accelerated pet capture function of the feast capture coupon
7. The range of feast capture is adjusted from only capturing the currently unlocked area to full-area capture, and the area limitation is
removed. 8. The release function of legendary quality pets has been removed.
9. Added to the pet book. View details are not pets unlock function
10. increased favorite food at the pet in pet illustrations information interface quickly jump to the recipe function
11. the increase of delicious fruit may prompt the evolution of the pet capture information on food cooking information of the interface
12. Optimize the pet interface configured before the battle and the pet interface when viewing other people’s information. The
follow-up official server will be optimized and adjusted according to the test situation. Feedback is welcome. For the final update of the official server, please use the in-game announcement and the actual online update. Prevail


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