Ulala: Idle Adventure – Horu Fjord Bosses [F2P, No Food Buff, No Legendary Pet, No Toy]

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Party: Gladiator, Assassin, Hunter, Druid.
Played on NA Server, account day 15 – 19 (day 1 – 5 on the main server). I was surprised to find out that, except Stage 2, 7 and 112, the rest of the bosses were killed after going through Frenzy mode (the 60-second mark).

0:00 Stage 2 vs White Unicorn Gorilla Chief [Power: 798,299 Time: 58.12s ] In this setup I only focused on interrupting Trembling Earth, but later I decided to interrupt Throw Snowball too. Look at stage 83 for better setup.
2:17 Stage 7 vs Cold Light Trasher [Power: 798,299 Time: 59.34s ] Likewise the previous boss, originally I only focused on interrupting Ice Splitting Slap but later decided to interrupt Snowball Ejection too. Look at stage 64 for better setup.
4:47 Stage 12 vs Brown Bear Chief [Power: 788,895 Time: 62.24s ] My setup changed many times over the course of this region. Look at stage 105 for the final setup.
7:21 Stage 18 vs Ice Liondragon [Power: 790,584 Time: 61.65s ] Good setup but later optimized since the Poison got cut off. Look at stage 90 for the final setup.
Notice that this boss in the stage 7 of Lv 50 Mystic Realm has completely different movesets than those found in the main line. Look near the end of video at 44.30 for the working setup.
9:39 Stage 23 vs Yak King [Power: 786,323 Time: 63.30s ] Not a good setup since I missed many interrupts and debuff removals. Look at stage 75 for better setup.
11:43 Stage 28 vs Cold Light Trasher [Power: 790,584 Time: 61.88s ] A very messy battle. Once again look at stage 64 for the final setup.
13:53 Stage 33 vs Brown Bear Chief [Power: 797,530 Time: 64.06s ] Look at stage 105 for the final setup, which is only slightly different than this. This boss also made my Gladiator reset his attributes to increase his Stamina (which increases HP) as high as possible for the rest of the game. That explains the 18k HP difference between this and previous battle although under the same level.
16:02 Stage 40 vs Ice Liondragon [Power: 805,206 Time: 62.11s ] Look at stage 90 for the final setup, and look at 44.30 for Mystic Realm version of this boss.
18:15 Stage 44 vs Yak King [Power: 793,230 Time: 65.05s ] Look at stage 75 for better setup.
20:26 Stage 50 vs White Unicorn Gorilla Chief [Power: 816,425 Time: 62.28s ] Look at stage 83 for better setup.
22:45 Stage 57 vs Ice Liondragon [Power: 818,602 Time: 61.65s ] Look at stage 90 for the final setup, and look at 44.30 for Mystic Realm version of this boss.
25:07 Stage 64 vs Cold Light Trasher [Power: 852,786 Time: 62.97s ] 27:23 Stage 68 vs Brown Bear Chief [Power: 850,517 Time: 66.14s ] Look at stage 105 for the final setup.
29:42 Stage 75 vs Yak King [Power: 841,695 Time: 60.79s ] A working, semi-optimized setup, DPS aside, but too many “wasted” healing. Later I modified my Druid to go Ukaka for more damage. Look at stage 112 for the final setup.
32:00 Stage 83 vs White Unicorn Gorilla Chief [Power: 857,405 Time: 62.51s ] This setup could be more optimized since I missed the last interruption of Trembling Earth, but I ran out of attempts for doing this. Later I found out (from fighting this boss in Mystic Realm and Hero Hill) that switching Gladiator’s Let’s Charge to Severing Strike would make a perfect timing for that.
34:54 Stage 90 vs Ice Liondragon [Power: 858,047 Time: 61.65s ] I just realized that Hunter had a nice power number (209,209). Anyway, look at 44.30 for Mystic Realm version of this boss.
37:15 Stage 97 vs Cold Light Trasher [Power: 872,003 Time: 62.94s ] 39:34 Stage 105 vs Brown Bear Chief [Power: 868,115 Time: 66.67s ] 41:59 Stage 112 vs Yak King [Power: 863,008 Time: 59.70s ] 44:30 Lv50 Mystic Realm Stage 7 vs Ice Liondragon [Power: 876,044 Time: ~59s ] Like I said before, this boss has complete different skillset than the regular Ice Liondragon found in the main line. His skills are very similar to Liondragon whom you fought at Toto Plain, but both skills require charging to be cast. Therefore, a complete interrupt setup will keep your party healthy for the duration of the battle. Actually this setup could be optimized more since I missed one interruption timing near the end. Gladiator’s setup was also very messy and not interrupting any of the boss’ skills. It’s actually possible to redo the Lv50 Mystic Realm after being completed, but I didn’t want the hassle of re-fighting the other six bosses just to figure out the best setup for this. You can analyze Gladiator’s timing and make some adjustment before attempting to beat the boss.
47:32 Stage 120 vs Mammoth [Power: 897,847 Time: ~62s ] In my opinion this is the first big wall in the game. I remembered this when my main party spent 2 days on the hunting season server just to figure out a way to burst down what we called the tankiest boss so far. And even after going through that once, at this moment I still encountered the same difficulty and then looked at some videos to find some enlightenment before eventually coming up with this setup.


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