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Pro-Sense brand offers a variety of proactive, sensible solutions for all of your pet’s healthcare and wellness needs. Pro-Sense knows that pet parenting can be tough so they have improved ingredients and overall benefits to make it easier than ever to care for them. Brushing your pet’s teeth can often be a daunting and forgotten task, but it is an important part of their health and wellness routine. Pro-Sense Dental Solutions 3 piece Kit can help reduce plaque and tartar buildup when used as directed. Our dual-head and finger toothbrushes make out kit suitable for dogs of all sizes. For hard to reach and sensitive areas, use Pro-Sense Finger Toothbrush. For a proactive approach to your dog’s wellness, add another Pro-Sense Solution to your daily vitamin. Introduce your dog to Pro-Sense Toothpaste by placing a small amount on the tip of your finger and allow them to lick i

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