Traffic jams in Athens before new lockdown

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(6 Nov 2020) Cars have been streaming out of the Greek capital and long lines formed at retail stores selling clothes, household supplies, cosmetics and other goods on Friday, the last day before Greece goes into a second nationwide lockdown for three weeks.
As of Saturday morning, circulation will be allowed only for specific reasons such as buying food or medication, work, exercise, walking a pet or assisting someone in need, and must be accompanied by a self-declaration or the sending of a text message.
All retail stores except those selling essential items such as food, medication and fuel will be shut.
Many Greeks appeared to have chosen to spend the lockdown in their home villages or country homes, with heavy traffic heading out of town.
Civil Protection Deputy Minister Nikos Hardalias said fines for violations of the restrictions on circulation would be doubled from the first lockdown, with Greeks venturing outdoors without justification facing 300 euro (357 US dollar) fines this time.
Greece announced 2,448 new cases Friday and 14 new deaths, bringing the total number of confirmed cases to 52,254 with 715 deaths.

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