The World’s Weirdest Canned Foods

If you’ve spent enough time around the Internet, you’d know that there are a lot of weird types of food items available around the world, from insects to stink-meats to horse testicles. Of course, it’s wrong to just paint them all as ‘weird’, as different cultures have different factors driving their cuisine, including topography. Still, not all of them came from nutritional needs of the region; people really just like to eat them…

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8. Scorpions
7. Surströmming
6. Rattlesnake
5. Bird’s Nest Drink
4. Silkworm Pupae
3. Armadillo
2. Snails
1. Dog

Source/Further reading:,Sabarot%20Escargot%20Snails,%2018%20Extra%20Large%20Snails%20(Helix%20Lucorum),from%20France,%207.05-Ounce%20Can&text=Don’t%20be%20fooled,%20escargot,shallots,%20garlic,%20and%20parsley.


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