The Raad Life with guest, marine biologist, Nancy Caruso!

Nancy is a Virginia native and a long time California environmentalist, with a B.S in Marine Biology with an emphasis in aquaculture and chemistry.

After attending college at Florida Institute of Technology, Nancy began her career in aquaculture, hydroponics, and aquaponics at Epcot Center in Disney World then on to work in aquaculture in Mississippi, where she created and marketed one of the first aquaponics systems sold in schools in the USA eventually ended up in California selling aquaculture equipment and supplies.

Her love for the ocean and extensive background in water chemistry eventually landed her a position Aquarium of the Pacific.

During her four years at the Aquarium Nancy worked in the water quality lab and then was an aquarist, caring for the exhibits and the animals.

Raad Ghantous, host of The Raad Life met Nancy originally when he got involved with OC Coast Keepers where Caruso was leading the kelp reforestation project off the coast.

More recently Nancy founded ‘Get Inspired’. Who’s mission is to Inspire stewardship and curiosity for the natural world through the exploration of science.

They do this through 3 different ocean restoration programs, an immersive outdoor environmental science program, and through teaching a sustainable farming technique called aquaponics. They are also engaged in an exciting new effort of abalone conservation and repopulating California waters with the once fished out of existence Green Abalone!

All of this work is done in classrooms and outdoors with kids and adults to help them experience science so that they may be inspired by our beautiful planet and know how to conserve and protect it.

Go check out the video to find out more about Nancy and her on going adventures and how you might be able to be part of it…


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