TAURUS September 2020 ♉️ TAROT READING for Sept 28th – Oct 4th, 2020
💎 Special astrological info for Taurus listed below! 💎

TAURUS, the sun is highlighting your 6th house of Work and Health. This house also rules daily activities, service to others, general employment and your place of employment, fellow employees, people you hire to work for you, health concerns, doctor’s offices, the healthcare industry, the service industry, nutrition, exercise programs, veterinary offices, and small pets. It’s ruled by Mercury, and is the natural house of Virgo.

Having the sun here means that someone who either works with you, for you, or attends to your health will help you to better understand how to reach your full potential. This person may be a physician or other employee of the healthcare industry. You may also come to this understanding while at your place of employment, whether that’s at home, or in a field that’s out in the world.

Creative expression on the job, or while engaging in your day-to-day activities, is strongly favored. You may find that you have to “go solo” in these areas of your life in order to reach the success you want.

Expect to make major progress on any work-related creative endeavor, or projects that have to do with improving your health and those of people in your care.

Dietary changes will boost your health and overall well-being.

If married or in an established relationship, the sun will provide opportunities for you and your spouse or partner to work well together, especially if you’re jointly participating in a new exercise program, a way to improve your well-being, or health regimen. However, expect ego clashes during this transit, not only with your spouse or partner, but with fellow workers. If you’re the boss, your employees will clash with you.

The sun rules romance (along with Venus), so, if unattached, romance may blossom on the job. You may also find a partner through the healthcare or service industry, at a doctor’s or veterinarian ‘s office, while going about your daily activities, while exercising, or walking your dog.

If unemployed and seeking work, the healthcare industry, service industry, and any field related to small pets are favored.

If retired, the main focus will be on your health. The sun will provide you with ways to improve it, including encouraging you to get small daily doses of sunlight, and spend time with pets.

You will come to a better understanding of your life’s purpose through doing services for others.

A man, or men, will bring you good luck.

Someone born under the sign of Virgo will boost your ego during this transit.

Blessed be.


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