STAYbowl® saves time and money!

STAYbowl® Tip-Proof Bowl is the first bowl of its kind designed to meet the specific requirements of guinea pigs (and other small pets) and their owners. It incorporates ergonomic, health and wellness, time-saving, and economic benefits into a simple, cost-effective solution. With STAYbowl®, there is no more wasted kibble, so it very quickly pays for itself.

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Is it just me, or do you hate it when your guinea pigs flip over their food bowls and all their kibble lands in the poop and pee at the bottom of their cage? I mean, who wants to eat that? Gross! That’s why my Dad and I developed STAYbowl® for my two guinea pigs, Ginger and Cocoa. STAYbowl® is a tip-proof, ergonomic food bowl designed for guinea pigs and other smaller pets. STAYbowl™ not only keeps your pets’ food out of all that gross stuff, it also saves YOU time, because there is no more dumped kibble for you to sweep up! It also saves you … (*or your parents*) money, because there is no more wasted kibble to throw away! And, STAYbowl® makes sure your pets get just the right amount of food they need to stay healthy. On top of all that, STAYbowl® is dishwasher safe. Click on this link to order your STAYbowl® today. Or, order STAYbowl® today at That’s Trust me. You’ll love it!


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