Siberian Husky – The Ultimate Pet Guide for Siberian Husky – Purchasing, Care, Health, And More

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• Title – Siberian Husky : The Ultimate Pet Guide for Siberian Husky
• Author – Lolly Brown
• ISBN – 978-1-946286-94-9
• Availability – Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other major book retailers!

About the book:
If you’re the kind of person who loves the outdoors and do activities like camping, trekking and hiking, then you’ll definitely enjoy hanging out with this wolf lookalike. They are friendly creatures looking for a home just like any other dog breeds; they need someone responsible and free –spirited yet mature to match their personality. The question is – do you have what it takes to become a Siberian Husky keeper? See if you can be part of the pack by learning how to take care of this dog breed.

This guidebook will provide you with information about the dog’s history, breed standard, temperament and behavior as well as the basic things you need to know like how to keep a Siberian Husky healthy, the right diet, grooming and training techniques as well as the requirements needed for them to feel at home in your place.

Siberian Husky General Info, Purchasing, Care, Cost, Keeping, Health, Supplies, Food, Breeding and More Included!

About the author:
Lolly is a long-time animal lover that enjoys writing about pets. Having a menagerie has cultivated a vast amount of experience and knowledge over the years. Now, she shares this knowledge with her readers – from future to current pet owners and from novice to maven.


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