Seasonal allergies in pets & people? try 20ppm Colloidal Silver spray.

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Oh my goodness, almost forgot about this….sheesh.
Alexa and I both started feeling “off” (I’m a little hyper vigilant with our health).
Getting tired and watery eyes and stuffy… the 2 of us, at the same time, which is a huge sign for allergies.
I started up with the Homeo Pet Skin & Itch drops then remembered colloidal silver spray. Did a video on it about a year ago but since its working on both of us, thought it worthy of another visit.

At first, Alexa didn’t like the spray in her face. We started doing it together, and now she could care less if we do it together or not, but we still do. Its a great cuddle op. Any excuse for hugs and kisses is a good one.

So, if you have some colloidal silver around, try it in a little (dark color glass) bottle and spray 3-5 times (mist) in face. It won’t hurt your eyes and you’ll be surprised at the difference it makes!

Like always, I am praying your safety and have a blessed day. Thanks for stopping by 🤗💖👍


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