Review: K9 Carts The Original Dog Wheelchair

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#doggoods#dogneeds#dogproducts These are real rewiews abaut K9 Carts The Original Dog Wheelchair Veterinarian Established Custom Built in The USA from customers who has bought this product share their experinces so you can make the best buying desicion Your browser does not support HTML5 video.
This has been a lifesaver for me and my dog. I have a 50 lb Basset Hound. He slipped a disc in his back, and his rear went lame. Hes slowly getting better.
Its been a long road. It happened Dec. 28. I cannot carry him outside to do his business as easily as my husband can. So this cart has been wonderful!
Hes still able to do his business while in the cart. It comes with straps to hold the back legs up, or you can put the back legs through “hoops” that help support the dogs rear so it doesnt drag.
I dont like to leave George in it any longer than he needs to. Im afraid that hell get sore easily in the pelvic area from resting on those “hoops”. Besides, he cannot lay sit or lay down while in the cart.
There was a time where we had to tighten some screws down, because the cart came apart. But after tightening the screws, it was like new again. No worries.
I hope this review helps you. I know before I actually made the purchase, it took a couple weeks of researching before deciding on one. Theyre not cheap.
But now, Im glad I did it. Good Luck.
The K9 Cart is built well (USA!!! USA!!!) and came with an instructional DVD as well as written instructions. it was great that it came pre-adjusted and was built sturdily and with safety in mind.
It took my dog a little while to get adjusted but he is okay now. The only suggestion that I have would be for Amazon to also provide buyers with the option to get the item faster (manufacturer can and will ship at faster speeds).
Right now my dog has a rear leg that gives out on occasion but Im sure it is in his future to be more dependent upon this wheelchair. Its well thought out because there are straps that I can reattach in the future if the legs become totally immobile.
Thanks for a great product; my only wish would be for AMAZON to provide the option of expedited shipping.
What can I say about this wonderful cart!!! My vet recommended it when my 14 year old dachshund had back surgery in November 2018. His back legs were basically paralyzed.
We used the cart for about a week when he started to paddle his legs. About 2 wks later he started trying to walk. It wasn’t pretty by no means, but he was trying.
Now he is walking all over, inside & outside. We are so happy & would recommended this cart to anyone in the same situation. Even if he was unable to walk again the cart would have been perfect to help him w his independence.
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