Rectal Prolapse in cat

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A male cat aged about 2months old brought to N.T.R Veterinary Super Specialty Hospital, Vijayawada, and Andhra Pradesh, India on 02.08.2020 with clinical symptoms of Rectal Prolapse protruding through external anal opening.
Treatment for Rectal Prolapse given on above said Cat on 07.08.2020 by Dr. K. Srinivasarao M.V.Sc (vety Surgery and Radiology), Assistant Director (AH), N.T.R Veterinary Super Specialty Hospital Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, and India.
Prolapsed part is pushed back to the position after cleaning with cold normal saline.
For retaining in position plastic tube is kept in rectum and applied purse string suture.
 Antibiotics injections for 5 days
 NSAID’S for 3 days.
Sutures removed on 7th day
Discharged the Cat on 7th day after successful recovery.

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