Rani khait ka ilaj -Newcastle disease treatment (pets care)

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Rani khait ka ilaj -Newcastle disease treatment (pets care)Subscribe my channel “pets care”.How to make your hen broody.the steps are here.
1.put 5-7 eggs in the nest of your hen
2.give her corn.this will raise her body temperature and she will become broody.
3.provide your hen a calm and gloomy nesting area.
4.separate your hen from other chickens and rooster.
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Vita7plus + multi vitamin is very good for your birds pets health.It has many benefits some of them are as follow:
1.It protect birds from serolious desease citrous.
2.It also helps to digest food
3.It protects your bi rds from serious weather conditions..
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Rani khait ka ilaj
Murgion ke different bimarioun ka ilaj gurr se kare.
How to store eggs of broody hen-Murgi ke ando ko mehfooz krne ka tarika-Pets care

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