Puppy Incubator – Product Review

Heat lamp incubator with precise digital temperature and humidity.


– 1 Large Black Hinged Door Container
– 1 Digital Humidity Controller w/110 outlet
– 1 Digital Humidity Pump (color or style may vary)
– 1 Dual Stage Digital Temperature Control Box w/110 outlet (style or color may vary)
– 1 110v Cooling fan
– 1 Heating Lamp with bulb
– 1 Led “Puck Style” overhead light with on/off switch
– 1 Towel (color or style may vary)
– 1 Absorbent Mat (color or style may vary)

Exterior Dimensions: 22″ X 17.5″ X 15.1″

Interior Dimensions: Measured At Floor – 17″ X 11″ X 14.5″

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