Possible fake animal rescue channels- Animals health care

1:10 Fake kitten rehoming and copying of same kittens being rehomed
5:06 Mishandling of feeding kittens
6:35 the intro to snowballs supposed fate.
10:03 The lie that is blue ears(Non existent illness)
11:42 Ringworm or ring of lies
12:13 The difference between pure white and white and ginger
12:30 The dangerous act of using chemicals on a cats fur for dying and linked accounts
14:15 Similarities in 3 websites 2 of which are linked to each other
15:32 Outro and word of warning about scammer animal rescue channels

Ringworm- https://www.purina.co.uk/cats/health-and-nutrition/symptoms-to-watch-out-for/ringworm-in-cats


This is the accusations set forth towards the channel known as Animals health care and the treatment of there “Rescued animals”. Such as lying for profit, Faking a rehoming video alongside another channel who conspires with them and the faking of a rehoming of a cat named snowball and stating the cat had illnesses unseen in the videos shared. Such as “blue ears” Not a real thing and “Ringworm” Which is a highly infectious fungal illness.

This is one of many hundreds of channels we are looking at in terms of fake channels feeding off of peoples love of animals and hatred of animal abuse. When i say hundreds i am definitely not confused. For example happy dog and pets rescue club. 2 on my list are abusing animals and selling themselves off as the good guys as well as so called puppy rescuers saving them from snakes. This is a major issue and we must do something about it and i mean NOW.


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