PISCES September 2020 ♓️ Tarot Reading ♓️ JOY AND DELIGHT!

PISCES September 2020 ♓️ Tarot Reading for Sept 21st – Sept 27th, 2020
🌊 Special astrological info for Pisces included below! 🌊

PISCES, Venus is warming your 6th house of Work and Health. This house also rules service to others, day-to-day activities, errands, employment, your place of employment, fellow employees and people you hire to work for you, health concerns, doctor’s offices, the healthcare industry, the service industry, assistants, nutrition, exercise, veterinary offices and veterinarians, and small pets.

Having Venus visit you here means that you’ll take the greatest pleasure in doing things for others, or feeling useful. Day-to-day activities and time spent with pets will bring you extra good luck during this transit.

There will be more drama than usual at work, or while pursuing your daily activities. However, Venus will show you ways to compromise with co-workers, employees, or those with whom you interact on a daily basis. She will help you to harmoniously interact with people, and make peace over disagreements.

If employed, whether self-employed, working from home, or outside the home, Venus will boost your finances. Fellow workers or, if you’re the boss, your employees, will be charmed by your voice and communicative style. One or more of them will bring you benefits during this transit, possibly helping to solve a difficult problem at work.

Your wit and grace on the job will draw people to you. If your work is artistic, Venus will make sure you shine, and people will appreciate your talents more than they have in the past. If your artistic gifts haven’t produced the income you’ve been seeking, Venus will show you how to fix that.

If unemployed and seeking work, Venus will bring you job opportunities through the places and subjects that she rules (art, galleries and museums, singing, music, concerts and concert halls, courthouses, law offices, counselor’s offices, contracts and agreements, jewelry, cosmetics, clothing, perfume, beauty and hair salons, stylists and designers, shopping, bakeries and sweet shops). You may also find work through 6th house places and matters (the healthcare and service industries, pets, veterinary medicine, exercise and nutrition, helping people find employment.)

If retired, Venus will assist you in artistic pursuits. She may help you find a new pet, or improve your well-being through one you already have. She will also improve your health through finding pleasure in art or music, or in changing your diet and engaging in a new exercise regimen.

Because Venus rules successful business and legal partnerships, you may form one during this transit. If you do, it will likely involve services done for others, exercise programs or nutrition consulting, or be a part of the healthcare or veterinary industry. Venus will also bring good luck to any existing business or legal partnership.

Wherever Venus is transiting in your chart is where you’ll find romance. So, if married or attached, your bond with your spouse or partner will be strengthened through daily activities, spending time with your pets, or sharing your love of music or art.

If unattached, you may meet someone special through a Venus-ruled place or subject (art, galleries and museums, music, singing, concerts and concert halls, courthouses, law offices, counselor’s offices, jewelry, cosmetics, shopping, clothing, perfume, beauty and hair salons, designers and stylists) or a 6th house place or subject (doctor’s offices, employment offices, veterinary clinics, pets, nutrition, exercise).

Someone born under the sun sign of Virgo will prove valuable in assisting you at work, helping to boost your health after an illness or injury, or in resolving an ongoing health problem.

Blessed be.


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