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Welcome to Petco Pet Store. Christmas shop with me 2020. Today video im going to show you all the petco christmas decor. We visit pet store because Friday on October 27, 2020 our sweet, loving, precious Jade of 12 year old (yorkie) passed away from a horrible seizure. Yes she was under medical care. Our family is devastated so me and my Husband started to look for Yorkie puppy for sale on Facebook, WELL we came across to the page that it was fake. unfortunately we Give a deposit we’re expecting Yorkie puppy to arrive to our door it never arrive.This people were scammers. Im feeling very sad and Disappointed, angry I believe there’s people like this, with tears on my face i hope you enjoy this video i made it with all my love. Stay safe!

My name is Raquel and I’m a young mommy, lifestyle blogger love to shop. My husband and I have 2 beautiful children (aged 8 and 2 year old ) that make up our beautiful family lifestyle.

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