Personal Growth Book Review | A Mind Frozen In Time

This is a look at a Personal Growth Book Review, A Mind Frozen in Time by Jeremy Crosby. The video shares a few takeaways for the reading related to the book summary, personal growth topic highlights, and how it encourages a refocus on mental health to target desired areas of self-improvement. It focuses as a ptsd workbook for ptsd recovery.

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Sometimes one habit can be resetting enough for better productivity, yet sometimes it is hard to admit the overall structure needs to be revisited when ‘it’s just not working’ feels like the heaviest part of depression and anxiety related aspects in life. I struggle with ptsd in my life, and I am actively in pursuit to look for a better formula for what can work well for me. How to get your life together through simple living, wellness, self care routines, healthy habits are keywords for those looking for self betterment in their personal growth journey. Currently, I am applying myself to approach looking at things more in pursuit of addressin systems vs goals, or is it goals vs systems? Anyway, I hope that with my little lgbtq vlog, friendly conversations can be shared or inspiration brought to help those who are looking for it to have a do-able healthier lifestyle with habits that are good for you, within reach for you, and overall good habits for mental health and personal growth.


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