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.: Please Expand for Supply List & Relevant Links :.

x-acto knife AND cutting mat (or) Scissors (or) Swing Arm Laser Cutter:

METAL Ruler if using an x-acto ( Plastic will start to be shaved away )

Elmer’s All Purpose White Glue
Paper Bead Roller (or) a toothpick- a toothpick will be harder to use but is possible- take the toothpick with the edge of the paper like a hot dog bun and then roll up around toothpick.
Paper Bead Rollers:
MARKERS THAT RESIST WATER / BLEED WHEN WET – you want something that will not bleed when wet or you will muddy up your bead hardening dip. I used Alcohol Ink markers but would LOVE India Ink markers- they are just more expensive. (These are the Alcohol Markers I bought: )
P.C. Petrifier Wood Hardener transferred to an airtight jar (
Mini Binder Clips ( ) 30lb test fishing line ( ) and 2 “garbage” paper beads

.: VIDEOS :.

My VERY FIRST Paper Bead Video:
Automatic Paper Bead Roller:
The 50 Tested Glaze Products:
Bead Glazing Part 1-
Bead Glazing Part 2-
P.C. Petrifier waterproof test:
Paper Bead Drying Rack:
Candy Cane Beads:
Stamped Vintage Beads:
Candy Corn Beads:
USA Beads:

Formerly BeyondBracelets on youtube, I have given myself a new start. I can no longer make friendship bracelets which I was known for on my old channel due to issues with my hands… so I have picked my favorite craft I learned while being BB to post here… my beloved paper beads which was my most popular video with over 2million views. So, here I have but ONE TASK: make paper bead bracelets and other small paper projects. I may throw in a bracelet or other craft but my primary hobby here will be paper beads. Thank you and don’t forget to subscribe to follow me on my new adventure.-Lisa


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