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What makes iti so unique?

‘iti’ means little in Maori, the language of the indigenous people of New Zealand. This green nation is where 100% of our ingredients for iti are sourced, then crafted in small batches into perfect little bits of fresh meat for little mouths.

Watch the video as we explore why New Zealand is so different and why it is such a special place to create our premium Dog & Cat Food.

iti’s products are produced with a unique ‘air drying’ process that provides the benefits of unprocessed raw food. It retains high levels of natural enzymes, without the food safety concerns and the “yuck factor” of handling raw frozen diets.

We then seal in the goodness in iti “fresh packs” so they stay fresh and nutritious – from the day they’re packed to the day they’re served.

Our products are sold today in leading specialty pet boutiques worldwide


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