ORGANIZED PET SUPPLIES – Pet Organization Ideas and Inspiration

A peek into how we keep our pet supplies in order.

Side note regarding the barking collar: It has a BEEPER/sound. If and when we use that collar (which is rare due to inconvenience) we ALWAYS use the beeping option and recommend you do the same. It also has a vibrate and shock option, however, we do not feel the need to use those on our dogs.

Side note regarding the invisible fence: It ALSO has a beeper. It beeps when the dogs get within 10 feet+ of the property line/fence. It does not shock them unless they are standing on top of the fence. The good news is, they know their boundaries and do not go within 10 feet+ of the fence. They also no longer need to wear their invisible fence collars as they know where they can and cannot go on the property. We are thankful that they were both very quick studies! (:

NOTE: This is not a sponsored video. All products were purchased on my own and no companies that were used in this video asked me for a review. Links below may contain affiliates.

Products Used:
1 Gallon Glass Jar:
Invisible Fence:
LED Collar:
Acrylic Drawer Bin:
Drawer Liner:
Water Bowl Mat:

Music Used:
Title: Nicolai Heidlas Music – New Places
Artist: Nicolai Heidlas Music
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