Obesity in Pets Part 2

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http://petwebinars.co.uk/ This webinar will cover the key things that an owner needs to know about weight issues in Pets. Like in people, obesity is a growing concern for our pets and is now recognised to be an important disease. If your cat or dog is overweight they can be at increased risk of developing conditions like arthritis, diabetes and some cancers. Over a lifetime, dogs that are overweight do not live as long as those who remain at a healthy weight. For more videos please visit http://petwebinars.co.uk/video-archive/

Pet Webinars.co.uk is new site set up to provide high quality veterinary information about all your pet’s needs! Webinars are lessons about pet health care given on-line. This allows you to educate yourself without ever leaving your home. This information can help you provide better healthcare for your pet. Webinars coming up include feline kidney disease, infectious diseases in dogs and cats and how to prevent them, itchy dogs and preparation of horses for competition.

Please get in touch if there are particular topics you would like us to cover, please visit http://petwebinars.co.uk/


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