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Looking for some high-quality dog treats that will have your pup howlin’ with happiness, even if those dog biscuits make them howl with happiness at three in the morning? Then get your paws on some Newman’s Own Dog Treats.

You’ll have to watch this Chewy review to find out more about these yummy dog treats, but in the meantime, you can think about some of the paw-ssible benefits of giving your pet pal a dog biscuit they’ll enjoy. For instance, giving your pup some Newman’s Own Dog Treats may max out their happiness meter. Once a dog’s happiness meter is maxed out via dog treats, the paw-sibilities are endless. Maybe your best pal will be so grateful for some Newman’s Own Dog Treats that they’ll give you some extra cuddle time. Or maybe they’ll love these dog treats so much they’ll pay for some skydiving lessons. Can you imagine skydiving with a dog? Is that not the raddest thing since dog surfing? We definitely think so.

Don’t pass up this extremely unlikely scenario and give your pup all of the dog treats, dog biscuits, and dog jerky they deserve by shopping online at Chewy for some Newman’s Own Dog Treats.

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