My whole day routine in the USA || Grocery || Cooking || Laundry || Pet Food || Skin Care

Hi everybody, this is Farzina form Me & the Paws. In this video i showed you what i typically do in a day. I start my morning usually around 6 am, drink some warm lemon water and spend quality time with all 5 of my pets. Then i do my journaling and i like to write down how grateful i a am to be able to wake up, feel healthy and content. I do write my gratitude and my thankfulness to my source creator foe providing me a permanent shelter, my free access to clear drinking water and guaranteed 3 meals in a day. I also write down what i want to achieve in my life cause i believe in writing helps manifesting faster.

After that i went to grocery shopping at Walmart and also did my eyebrows tinting and eyelash extension and i was so amazed with the result. i showed a mini grocery haul in the video too. I cooked our dinner along with my dogs dinner, did my laundry, showered and showed my current skin care routine and the company called Curology and how obsessed i am with their products. I took my daily vitamins and ended the video. I hope to see you all in my next video. I love #Curology


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