Microchip Pet Feeder: Unboxing & Review

Ok, this one’s kind of a game-changer for me. You guys know I only do reviews of products that I think people could really benefit from, and I think some of you will really like this! When the Sure Petcare people sent me their microchip pet feeder, I knew it was exactly what I needed so I decided to do this #sponsored video for you.

So you all know that Shorty is a little… fluffy. I mean, The Queen’s coat is majestic for sure, but underneath it, there’s still a lot of The Queen there. As she’s gotten older, I’ve had to make sure she doesn’t have free access to food. Kodi, on the other hand, is fidgety and super active and, thus, much thinner and doesn’t need to have his food portioned or controlled. This left me doing various things over the years: putting his food up high where she can’t get it, separating them at feeding time, putting his food down when he was hungry and then picking it up so that Sho wouldn’t eat it. It’s never been a massive issue, but it’s always on my mind every day.

Well, not anymore. And I’m completely serious about that! This pet feeder recognizes your specific cat’s microchip and opens only for that cat (also works for small dogs too. And if your cat isn’t microchipped, it comes with a tag for their collar, if they have one). I wasn’t so sure it would work. But as you’ll see in the video, it was so easy. The microchip was programmed in immediately. He now just walks up to his feeder and eats whenever he wants and there’s no worry about Shorty getting into it and being free-fed. It’s a microchip pet feeder, so I would consider this a luxury item for sure, but it has definitely made my life easier.

And you get 10% off until November 18 with the discount code: ShoKo. Order at https://bit.ly/2GmUUNs

The SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder is a great solution for multi-pet homes to stop pets from stealing each other’s food. Find out more here: https://bit.ly/2GmUUNs

Let me know if you have any questions. Peace and purrs out!


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