– Episode #42 we talk about unsettling times right now and how is the market is it a survive or thrive feel in marketing?
The Art of Inspired Selling Livestream – Guest, Terri Maurer, Maurer Consulting. Marketing: Should I quit? Absolutely NOT!
Never, Ever Stop Marketing!
No Way, No How!
Why do anything so foolish?

Let’s talk about Marketing that is near and dear to my heart. We talk about small businesses and how can we survive and even thrive. People are buying for different reasons and we ask the question where do we go next? Marketing is a standard in Business and is essential to schedule a time to plan at least 1 hour a day. People are buying and not all locked up but it key to do your research and know your audience. Marketing is a constant piece of doing business. As business owners, we have to adapt to the time in order to survive. It is possible to thrive in today’s world but we must grow our knowledge.

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