MAPP Program – Short and Long Term Pet Care Planning with Debra Hamilton

Free Short/Long Term Pet Care Seminar – June 30, 2015
Access is limited – Register TODAY!!

Would you like to have plans in place for your beloved pet in the event of your death, a disaster disease, disability or delay?

You know those fears that nag you in the middle of the night as the flood warnings are being projected on the television. Or what if you have bad news and need surgery or are involved in a car accident and end up in the hospital? You want to feel at peace with the plans you have made for the care of your believed companion.

On this webinar I’ll share with you how you can create a plan for every eventuality so your pets will receive the care YOU want them to receive anytime you are personally unable to care for them.

Savor that peace of mind you have when you are caring for your pet by setting up the pan to continue that level of care when you are unable to provide their care yourself. Atend this FREE Webinar and connect with like minded people who want to MAAP out a plan for the care of their pets BEFORE something happens to them.

Debra Vey Voda-Hamilton, Esq.


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