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Hi Plushies and everyone! ❤️

In today’s video, I’ll be making my first Neon Capybara pet in Adopt Me! (Roblox)

👑Become A Member👑:

We have hit 1,000 subs. Our next milestone is 10,000 subs.

Meanwhile, we also need to reach 4,000 watch hours to join the YouTube Creator Program.

Thank you to all players listed below for your attendance.


Comment if you see yourself on this list or in this video! XD


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🌸 Discord: Jirachi202#0356

Hi Adopt Me! players, these are what you can expect and not expect if you choose to subscribe to me 💖

What To Expect:

1. Video contents that are related to the video titles
2. Videos that a normal player can follow
3. Videos that are fun and experimental
4. Videos that are helpful to Adopt Me! players
5. Videos that engage and involve fans and subscribers

What Not To Expect:

1. Free pets
2. Free items
3. Videos that are clickbaiting and misleading
4. Unrealistic videos that involve spending Robux
5. Fake videos like pretending to get scammed or hacked
6. Videos that promote fake news in Adopt Me!


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What is your username? Can I join your game?

You are most welcomed to join me. Follow Jirachi202 on Roblox to join my game. If you still can’t join after following me, comment on any of my videos and I will add you to my friend list temporarily for a day.

Are you doing any giveaways?

Yes, new giveaway with Ride Potion as main prize soon!

Can you tell me your real name/gender/age/location?

No personal questions.

How do I support your cause?

Instead of asking people to subscribe to me, I want you to put TRUST TRADES AND FAIL TRADES ARE SCAMS as your roleplay name to encourage more people to stop doing these scam trades.

Why should I never do trust and fail trades?

Trust trading is arguably the most common scam, next to the “I’m Poor” trick. This scam involves pressing the accept button on your rare pets/item(s) for the other person’s bad pet/item(s) or empty trade box. The point in this scam is to trust that they won’t also hit the accept button. People tend to fall for this scam because they enjoy the rush and thrill of this ‘game’, or are promised a valuable pet or item in return for playing. Friends and people you know may also try to scam you using this method by claiming that you don’t trust them if you don’t want to trust trade with them. You can tell that this is a scam because the scammer will usually tell you to go first. If you say” can you please go first I do not want to get scammed” to the scammer and the scammer says, “No, you go first” then the person may not want to get scammed, or is an actual scammer.

In this fail trading scam, the scammer will put on their best items, e.g. an FR or NFR legendary as well as a bad toy or food. They will then give the victim that food, accept, and the trade will fail. The scammer then tells the victim to try it with one of their common pets. The trade will fail, leading the victim to believe it is a harmless hack. Then, they will say: “Try it with your best pets!” The victim does it with their best pets, adds the food, gives that food item to the scammer, and accepts. The scammer will then give the victim back the food, accept, and log off, leaving the victim without their best pets. Or sometimes, they give the victim a duplicate of the food so that on the victim’s screen, it says “XXX gave you a XXX”. This is VERY easy to fall for.

Credit: Scams From Adopt Me! Wiki (

Suggestion: Read the Adopt Me! Wiki link above to learn how to protect yourself from other types of scams. Stay safe and away from scammers! ❤️

How can I contact you for business enquiries?

Drop me an email at

#Jirachi202 #Roblox #AdoptMe

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