Luxury dog hotel and organic food for LA pets

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(16 Mar 2010) SHOTLIST
AP Television
Hollywood, 20 January 2010
1. Zoom out of front desk in lobby with dog
2. Wide of couch and table in lobby
3. Zoom out of dog in Lamborghini
4. Wide of dogs on the bed in suite
5. Set up of Alissa Cruz, owner D Pet Hotels in Hollywood, talking to customer
6. Set up of Alissa Cruz, owner of D Pet Hotels in Hollywood, playing with dogs
7. SOUNDBITE (English) Alissa Cruz, Owner D Pet Hotels in Hollywood
“I think the most important thing, especially now is, pets are a part of the family. And I know I don”t have children. My dogs are my kids as a lot of people we find nowadays, especially in the Hollywood area.So the most important thing is these are members of the family, so there”s never any price tag that is too big for the people that we love the most, and that”s our dogs.”
8. Wide of Alissa bringing dog to the basic suite
9. Mid of dog and Alissa on either side of glass suite door
10. Zoom out of dog in suite
11. Pan from hallway to suite
12. Zoom out of water bottles and towels
13. Close up of fresh chicken and broccoli human-grade food being prepared
14. Zoom out of dog being massaged on spa table
15. Close up of dog ears being massaged
16. Zoom out of dog exercise yard
17. Mid of large dogs playing
18. Wide of employee playing with dogs
19. Mid of small dog
20. Mid of dogs playing with a toy
21. Various of hotel client Nino Linsmayer playing with his dog
22. SOUNDBITE (English) Nino Linsmayer, Dog owner:
“I used to take my other dog to other facilities, and they”re just – one, the cleanliness, you walk in here, you smell that it”s clean, that it”s – you know, they”re constantly mopping up. I”ve never walked in here and it hasn”t smelled, like, super-fresh. The staff is very, very friendly. They”re just very attentive, very sweet with all the dogs that I”ve seen them handle.”
23. Mid of Kouros Etemad playing with his dog
24. SOUNDBITE (English) Kouros Etemad, Dog owner:
“She loves it so much and I guess I love her so much. I want her to have the best. I”m not married so this is my baby for now. (laughs)”
25. Zoom out of the dog exercise yard
26. Close of dog”s face
27. Zoom out of employee playing with dogs
28. Mid of small dog being held
29. Pullout of D Pet Hotel logo and exterior
30. Wide of boutique shelves in hotel lobby
31. Tilt down of crystal collar
32. Close of pink collar with crystals
33. Pan of collars and accessories on shelf
AP Television
Urban Pet store, West Hollywood, 22 January 2010
34. Zoom out of exterior of Urban Pet store
35. Pan of interior of pet store
36. Mid of customer making purchase at cash register
37. Zoom out of pet accessories and products
38. Zoom out of Zack Grey, owner of Urban Pet store, talking to customer
39. SOUNDBITE (English) Zack Grey, Owner Urban Pet:
“People are not cutting back on what they”re spending on their pet as far as their nutrition. And that”s really important, because of – especially in recent years of pet food scares. What comes out now is how important it is to get a premium product and that”s going to cost more. Supplies in the recession what I”ve noticed it is a little bit of a shift on the supplies so maybe not as many toys, maybe not as many, you know, treats but what they don”t cut back on is the food.”
40. Mid of Myles Silton comparing pet toys
41. Zoom out of dog foods in store
42. SOUNDBITE (English) Zack Grey, owner Urban Pet, West Hollywood
“You can shop exclusively green and organic, if you want, for your pet. Exclusively. So that means beds made from recycled soda pop bottles, hemp collars, organic foods, so there”s a huge movement towards green as in every industry I think.”

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