Little Live Pets Gotta Go Flamingo from Moose Toys Sherbert Flamingo with food & toilet Review

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Hi friends, thank you so much to moose toys for sending us this little live pets gotta go flamingo for free to review. We have not seen this in stores yet but I know I found it online out of stock on either Walmart, Target or Amazon so here in the US the retail price is $29.99. The food is like a grain so it is messy just a heads up. Make sure when you feed the flamingo that it’s on the “on” setting since we accidentally had ours on the try me mode and the flamingos food went straight from its mouth and neck and out its bottom into the toilet 😂🤦🏻‍♀️. I also did find on a handout from moose that it is recommended to only feed 1/4 of the food at a time whereas we poured all the food into the scooper so if you do that just don’t use it all. You will need a cup or something for the water to drain into when pouring the toilet bowl into the scooper to drain the water out. Again I don’t think water is a must I think it’s clearly for aesthetic reasons only 😂. Really cute toy. I did have moms on Instagram message me that they hope to find this toy for their kids to help with potty training. Marissa definitely loves the song it sings and that like a lot of her other little live pets and other electronic toys it will repeat what you say. Thanks so much for watching. We hope you enjoyed our review. Please like and subscribe and share our video with friends and family who enjoy toy reviews, moose toys, potty training toys, toilet humor toys and/or electronic toys. Remember to be kind. Stay safe & healthy.


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