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Kindmates was born in 2014, when we decided to make homemade food for Julie, our Scottish Terrier, who had started to refuse all types of commercial food available.
When we learned that the AAFCO and the FDA allow meat from dead, dying, diseased and disabled animals to become food for our pets, we decided to bring some “life” to her food by adding vegetables and meat into her diet. She couldn’t stop begging for more.
We worked with our holistic veterinarian to develop more recipes, and noticed shinier hair, less smelly poop and overall mood improvement. Julie’s chronic immune disease, canine lupus, simply disappeared, and her early-stage arthritis pains lessened. She is an older adult dog full of energy and happier than ever.
Today, Kindmates has become so much more than a business: it has become a mission to give pets access to real food so they can eat what they are supposed to be eating: a balanced diet full of life.
We source only the best ingredients: fresh fish, sustainably farmed beef and chicken and organic and local ingredients when possible. Our kitchens are USDA-inspected and meet human standards for quality control and food safety. All of our packaging is BPA-free, and some is also either returnable (for recycling) or compostable. We are part of the Next Generation Pet Food Association – an organization that is on a mission to change the status quo in the pet food industry.
For us, Kindmates is not just a way of doing business – it’s a way of life through which we respect the needs of our best friends.

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