Kids Motivational Cartoon Video Story Hindi [ Part – 13 ] | मीना और राजू |

Kids Motivational Cartoon Video Story Hindi [ Part – 13 ] | मीना और राजू |

Meena is a spirited, nine-year-old girl, who braves all the odds – whether in her efforts to go to school or in fighting the discrimination against children.

The Meena figure has achieved remarkable popularity as she tackles the key issues affecting children. The stories revolve around the adventures of Meena, her brother Raju, her pet parrot Mithu, and members of her family and community.

Bangladesh was the first country to launch Meena when a film about her struggle to go to school, called ‘Count Your Chickens’, was broadcast on national television in 1993.

Meena continues to survive and grow after 25 years. The original materials are still relevant and effective.

Since then, Meena has starred in 26 films for television, as well as radio programmes, comics and books. Every year, UNICEF releases new Meena stories that are read and watched by children and adults alike in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bhutan. Meena episodes have been dubbed into local languages and shown on TV in Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam as well.

UNICEF continues to speak with children to find out what stories people want to hear and this game is another step to reach their expectation.

Meena is used as a tool to impart important messages on gender, child rights, education, protection and development. The Meena stories present many positive images of a girl succeeding against the odds to gain equal treatment, love, care and respect. Creative and exciting story lines have promoted social issues in an appealing and provocative way.

The core materials are in five languages – English, Bangla, Hindi, Nepali and Urdu. These have been translated or dubbed into many other South Asian languages as well as European languages.

The Meena Communication Package consists of:

Comic books
Animated films
Discussion and teachers’ guides
Radio series (produced in collaboration with BBC world service)

The animated film is the flagship medium through which a set of characters and core set of stories come to life, capturing the attention and imagination of audiences and providing a creative focus.

Meena is a fictional character who stars in the South Asian children’s television show Meena created by UNICEF. The show has been broadcast in English, Bengali, Hindi, Nepali, and Urdu. Meena educates the children of South Asia on issues of gender, health, and social inequality through her stories in comic books, animated films (Meena Cartoon), and radio series (affiliated with the BBC). Secondary characters of her stories include her brother Raju and her pet parrot Mithu.[5] Her adventures include attempting to get an education, having an equal share of food as Raju, and learning about the HIV, the right way to give birth to a baby, and helping people. All of her stories advocate change in social and cultural practices.

Video Credit : Meena’s Stories: A UNICEF Initiative / BBC

Meena is widely recognised and appreciated in most South Asian countries, and is a successful advocacy and teaching tool for girls’ and children’s rights. The Meena figure has achieved remarkable popularity as she tackles the key issues affecting children, and the threats to the rights of millions of girls in South Asia.

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