IG Healthcare Hack: Trimming Toenails on an Italian Greyhound Dog

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Here is a toenail trimming hack that my friend Bonnie Tibodaux with Szczys Italian Greyhounds shared with me. I use a Dremel Lite, with the sand paper attachment. For the last 12 months I have slowly gotten my dogs use to the noise, the vibration and my handling of their feet. I just use a reclining chair, a pillow and a blanket as my stage. Comfortable and happy is what I want my little guys to be. Italian Greyhounds have long delicate bones with tendons and muscles holding most the weight. It is really important for owners and handlers of Italian Greyhounds to keep the toe nails trimmed and in good health. If the toes get too long, they can have tendon, spine and all kinds of problems. And no one wants a broken leg to nurse back to health. So I like to be pro-active and make the experience fun and easy so that I can manage the task here in my own home.


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