Hyper Pet IQ Treat Mat Review

Mental stimulation is just as important for dogs as physical activity. The Hyper Pet IQ Treat Mat offers an easy way to entertain and stimulate your pup. Read the full detailed review here: https://topdogtips.com/review-hyper-pet-iq-treat-mat/

More recent research has shown that with increased mental activity in dogs comes greater mental health, cognitive function and enrichment, learning capacity and attention span in dogs. Mentally stimulated dogs are also more attentive, they perform better in dog training and are quicker at solving problematic daily tasks.

“If your dog isn’t good about sitting still while you bathe him, brush his coat, clip his nails or perform any other necessary grooming task, the IQ Treat Mat will distract him and keep him still. I think this product would work for any dog that is food motivated. Of course, if your canine companion doesn’t care much about treats, he may not be distracted by this tool.”


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