How To Take Care Of Your Pet? – perromart Vet Q&A Series #1

Questions about taking care of your pet? Dr. Anne Claire from SVI and answers them!

1. How do I treat my pet’s separation anxiety? – 00:25
Play some background noises, leave their favourite toys or a piece of clothing with your scent. In serious cases, consider crate training.

2. How do I keep my pet’s heart healthy? – 00:50
Exercise 15-20mins daily and provide a balanced diet with no salt! (even treats!)

3. How often should I visit the vet? – 01:14
For younger pets, an annual visit to the vet would be sufficient. It is recommended for senior pets to visit the vet twice a year.

4. What should I expect during a routine vet visit? – 01:30
A full health check-up will be done! From a physical examination of the eyes, mouth, nose, skin, to listening to the lungs, heart, and gut, as well as a full blood work or blood test and urine test.

5. What is the best flea and tick treatment and how often should I use it? – 01:58
The best flea and tick treatment varies from pet to pet, however, a monthly use is necessary unless otherwise stated! Flea and tick are common especially in sunny Singapore or during warm summer months!
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6. Should you brush your pet’s teeth and how often? 02:38
Yes, it’s really important to brush your pet’s teeth! Once a day is sufficient but is essential in ensuring your pet has good dental health to prevent other periodontal related diseases.
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