How to shoot in Portrait Mode when taking photos of pets and objects with your iPhone XR

For anyone who has recently purchased or might be thinking about purchasing an iPhone XR you may have come across the limitation of portrait mode photography when you are shooting non-human subject matter.

Portrait mode lets you adjust the aperture setting which can provided a high degree of control over the amount of background blur in your images.

The iPhone Xs lets you use this setting on both human and non human subject matter, yet the XR has restrictions to human subject matter only. So if it doesn’t recognise a human face it will not work.

Thankfully for those of you needing to take photos of pets or still life, food or any object you can take advantage of third party applications that enable this feature on the iPhone XR. Focos is one example of this type of app which is actually modelled on light field photography that was pioneered by Lytro in 2012.

Beyond providing aperture control, it also lets you select which part of the image you want to remain in focus and which section you wish to be pushed out of focus.

In this video I show you a couple of example images taken with the app…..


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