How to Paint a Cat – Oil Painting for Beginners! | How To Tutorial

Welcome to my timelapse / how to tutorial on how to paint a realistic cat in oil paints. This tutorial is an introductory to oil paints and is aimed at beginners. This tutorial is short and sweet as I want to get across the basics to into how to use oil paints to create animal fur and the importance of working with layers, for those who would prefer to see the real-time version, it is is live on my Patreon.

For all those who wish to increase their knowledge on the supplies needed for oil painting, I have an introductory guide on my blog:

The real-time video for this is on my Patreon! I have been drawing and creating tutorials for over 7 years, only recently have I created a Patreon channel where I post real-time drawing videos and extra in-depth tutorials. As an self employed artist I mainly draw pets & people, the real-time videos give you an insight into how exactly I draw & paint, and how I achieve realism in my drawings. I aim to keep the price at a minimum so that everyone can afford to improve their art while also supporting a fellow artist!

Materials used:

• Oil Painting Paper
Product link: (Jacksons: | (Amazon USA:

• Liquin
Product link: (Jacksons: | (Amazon UK: USA:

• Mechanical Pencil (for the outline)
Product link: (Amazon UK: USA:

• Oil Paints
Product link: (Amazon UK: USA:

• Fine Detail Paint Brushes (any cheap fine detail brushes will do)
Product link: (Amazon UK: USA:

• (any) Larger brushes from Amazon
Product link: (Amazon UK: USA:

• (any) Rigger brushes
Product link: (Amazon UK: USA:

(Reference photo attached on my Patreon)

Background music:

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