How to FERRET PROOF Your Kitchen and Bathroom | Ferret Care

This is PART 1 of How To Ferret Proof Your Home. We cover how to ferret proof the common dangers lurking in your kitchen and bathrooms.
Enjoy! (more links coming soon)

PART 2: How to Ferret Proof Your Bedroom & Living Room:

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0:00 – Introduction
0:43 – What is Ferret Proofing?
1:16 – How to THINK Like a Ferret
3:17 – How to Ferret Proof Your Kitchen
3:41 – How to Ferret Proof Toe Kicks
5:01 – How to Ferret Proof Cabinets
6:15 – How to Ferret Proof Fridges
7:30 – How to Ferret Proof Ovens
7:56 – Danger of Dishwashers
8:33 – Danger of Trash
9:17 – How to Ferret Proof Your Bathroom
9:35 – How to Ferret Proof Your Toilet
10:21 – BEWARE of Bathtubs
10:50 – How to Ferret Proof Bathroom Sinks
11:26 – BEWARE of Bath Mats
11:51 – Outro and final remarks

🎥 Other Resources To Watch:
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Common Household Hazards (American Ferret Association):

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