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What’s Herb Pack?

Safe and Effective Skin Care Treatment

Animal Ayurveda Herb Pack is a 100% pure natural product that was researched and developed for pets based on the principle of ancient traditional medicine “Ayurveda.” By blessing of nature, our 100% natural Herb Pack is pet friendly product that keep pet’s health and beauty fully maintained.

The herbs used in “Herb Pack” are 100% organic, grown without any chemical fertilizer or insecticides by Indian affiliated farmer specialized in growing medicinal herbs.

The ingredients are selected carefully from the finest herbs used in Ayurveda, which is effective for pets’ skin care, beauty of coat care, and insect repellent.

The safety and effectiveness of the Herb Pack treatment is supported by Veterinarians. Since the product is safe for pets to ingest, it can also be applied to their face. Moreover, it can be used for Teeth Brushing which will eliminate the stinky doggy breath and help to keep the healthy oral environment.


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