Gigi And Soki Eating Fruit (Banana, Orange) with Kid at railway | Monkey GiGi & Orphan Monkey

#Gigi_and_Soki #Orphan_Monkey
Monkey GiGi & Orphan Monkey
Monkey Gigi is an orphan monkey. We have raised monkey Gigi since she was a baby monkey. We found this little orphan monkey abandoned, and there was no one took care of her. She was very pitiful. But now her life has changed. We offer monkey Gigi amazing life conditions. Actually, we offer her foods, health care, safe shelter, etc. We don’t regard monkey Gigi as a pet. Actually, we treat her like our new family member. My kids share the room with monkey Gigi every night, and they live together as if monkey Gigi is a human. Sometimes, it’s a bit hard for us to take care of her as monkey Gigi is a bit active. Of course, she doesn’t like staying still. Well, this little orphan monkey, monkey Gigi is always moving.


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