Five Excellent Pet Isopods for Beginners!

Isopods are some of the best pet invertebrates, and in this video I talk about five of the best pet isopods for beginners! The genus Armadillidium , Porcellio, and Porcellionides are contain some of the best isopods for beginners.

Check out these LINKS to Isopod foods and supplies below. As an Amazon Affiliate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

I feed my isopods Repashy Bug Burger weekly, they love it:
#ad 6-oz jar of bug burger:
#ad 12-oz. jar of bug burger:
#ad Repashy morning wood is also a very popular isopod food my isopods love:
#ad Here is a link to the 6-quart sterilite tubs I use to house many of my isopods:
#ad To give your isopods calcium you can use cuttlebone: twin pack:
#ad Isopods love cork bark pieces as hides:
#ad One of the best food/substrate ingredients for isopods are oak leaves, such as these heat-treated red oak leaves:

Isopod Substrate ingredients:
#ad 1 part Organic Compost: (You can probably find it much cheaper at your local garden supply or hardware store)
#ad 1 part Alder Pellets:
#ad 1 part pesticide-free hardwood leaves, you may collect them locally or purchased pre-sanitized:
#ad I make my own isopod substrate, but here is a link to Josh’s frogs isopod substrate :
#ad For FREE 2-Day shipping on qualifying orders, try Amazon Prime:
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