First Puppy Bath – Tips to Make It A Positive Experience

First Puppy Bath – Tips to Make It A Positive Experience // You have a new puppy and it’s time to give your first puppy bath. Bathing a puppy can either be a good or bad experience. Grooming a puppy at home can be positive with a few tips to help your puppy overcome their fear. Giving a puppy a bath should include shampoo, a tub restraint, towels, and a few other items I’ll cover in this week’s video. If you want to know how to give your puppy a bath without them freaking out or how to make your dog like a bath be sure to watch how we train a puppy to overcome their fear of water and the dryer noises too.

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Don’t forget your Grooming Supplies:

Nova Microdermabrasion Dog Pet Grooming Dryer

ProPet Works Shampoo

Lickety Mat

Safari by Coastal Mat Remover

Andis Pet Steel Comb


Hartz Groomer Best Grooming Tools Flea Comb

CleanHouse Pet Dog Nail Clippers

Cardinal Laboratories Styptic Powder

Ear Cleaner

Tub Sprayer

Grooming Tub Restraint

Zoom Groom

Grooming Apron


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